what's here is hereit is all to my heart contentnot to brag not to lowmay it be true or may it not

~ Sape kate masuk palap tak best? ~

This post is dedicated to:

Navy UTM
(Program Jati Diri '10 : 8-10 Oktober 2010)

With best of loves....

~UTM puncak letaknya~

~ Go Go Power Rangers! ~

~ LDK~

~ Kopi Oh Kopi ~

~ Sayang Si Buta ~

~ In The End ~

~ The Mighty 16!!! ~

notabuku: You never know when it will end, but you sure know that you started it.


~s U e y ~ said...

masuk palap sgt best la dear~!

~anchor~ said...

hahah. true and true!

Fiona said...

errmm....ok he is not here

~anchor~ said...

yea,i tot u knew...
he's not on my team!
plus, what r u afraid of????

Fiona said...

heh?..me?..afraid of?...vampire...ngeeee...omg..insane.
hes army..not navy act..ala...em..nothing2

~anchor~ said...

jz admit it.
u're afraid of him. pfft.