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cool tak cool lah : ajou university

Salam Semua.

Uh-huh you guys must be wondering how the heck a uni can be cool? It's a place where a lot of young people struggling studying and juggling their life. Ecewah bunyi nak hebat jah. Apapon, just wait till you read my point yeah?

So, a bit about Ajou Uni... It is located at Suwon about an hour and a half from Incheon... Established in 1973 and they some sort of have an agreement with the France gov to build the education institution. Surely there are a bit of France-y thingy here and there at Ajou. Top 10 things why ajou uni is cool:

10. You got to see students doing cute dancing by the street for the election campaign. See? They even got cute pink lab coat on.

9. Instead of ROTU they got ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Cops). How cool is that?

8. They have their own ' Tugu Universiti '. Like this. 

 Please don't mind that four people~ ^^

7. They have this cute post-PhD student walking around the hall and giving lecture on XRD instrument WHILE massaging his bad backache WITH a hammer. (not the spiky one of course) 

Yeah, that's him doing his massage. Sorry oppa I put your pic here. ^^'

6. Each of the students got to produce a poster each year depending on their annual special project.Well, they do collaborate with their lab partner and a master student though.

It's Jung-jin with his poster. (:

5. Dreaming of walking a beautiful path with your friends while sipping yummy hot mocha along the way to keep warm? Yeah, we managed that. 

Us, two caffeine-holics apparently.

4. Have you ever seen Winnie The Pooh hanging around at a uni? Well, we had.

 A cool and sporting Winnie I might say. ;p

3. Always beautiful scenery surrounding you. Every spot is worth picture-snapping!

2. The ratio of male students to female student is 4:1. Ehem, so you got my gist. Males everywhere (heaven?) and the 1/5 portion of the girls? Yeah, they are beauties.(heck.) haha

 Haha tikah, gotcha!

And the #1 reason why Ajou Uni is sooo cool is, *drumroll*

1. We met our freaking-rocking-cool friend here! You guys are AWESOME!

Really, visiting Ajou Uni was all fun (despite the lectures and presentations ;p). We did flirt a little too much I think. I blame the Korean guys for upsetting the girls hormones. haha *devilgrin* Wish that the Ajou-rians are gonna come and pay us a visit here! Till then, take care!

notabuku: busy la konon kan... Haha, azza, you LIAR!

tender hearts with warm love

Just when I thought it's over, God sends the sun out shining for me. 
When I felt there's no hope for me, God blows the wind gently nudging me,
saying 'hey we are here to cheer you up'.
And when I felt at lost, I can almost hear the brisking of leaves coaxing me.

Thank God for His warm love and all these blessings.

notabuku: sometimes (almost of the time actually) i felt like i lived with lots of heart vengeance. am i the only one like that? i am bad, aren't I? Gee, I felt like crap.

sneak preview : korea

Salam semua.

My hands are a bit full right now, will write a proper entry regarding our GOP Korea visit later on. Here's a bit of teaser of what's upcoming.

I'll pen keyboard off now, hope everyone will have a nice week ahead, take care!

going somewhere?

Salam Semua.

I like to get things organized la konon konon and I really really really really hate if I left something due to my short term memory ability. Sangat la selalu perasaan 'macam da ada' last last tader. I blame my high imagination that manage to conjure up the image of me putting something in my bag or imagined that my items are there safe tucked in my bag. So, I tried to pack efficiently, accordingly and lightly. Check it out.


-passport, IC, matrix card
- charger, memory card, organizer
-medicine, water, dry food
-luggage lock
-money!!!!! though I haven't changed mine yet
-laundry bag
-ebook reader to kill the time. (i've opted to real book since CSL is no longer here. :(


yeah, lots of 'em. fail here.
tips: use your matte colour lip smack as eyeshadow. (front row most left)


add a pajama, socks, gloves and jacket.
tips: pashminas can also serve as neck scarves.


- a bucket bag. very handy and spacious
- watch, bracelet (matches with all outfit)
- booties and brogues (do protect them from the evil pressure and atmosphere)
- a clincher. 
- oh, don't forget your sunnies!

All packed up? I'm ready to fly!

It's much helpful if you have a checklist of things you needed to bring, what you need to settle before traveling (i.e. assignments!), clean you room, ask you parents and friends for money blessings, clear up your thoughts, mind as well as your heart and pray for the best from Allah. Orang kata apa lagi? "Jangan gembira sangat". Beragak agakla kan. Pen off now!

notabuku: Please pray for our well being during the trip, guys.  May you guys have a nice weekend and may Allah bless!


BIG BANG released a new mini album last 24th Feb 2011. It is SUPER DUPER COOL!!!! Do catch their newly launched official MV Tonight on your screen!

notabuku: bole x kalau nak berangan gi Korea jumpe dorang? boleh x?