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going somewhere?

Salam Semua.

I like to get things organized la konon konon and I really really really really hate if I left something due to my short term memory ability. Sangat la selalu perasaan 'macam da ada' last last tader. I blame my high imagination that manage to conjure up the image of me putting something in my bag or imagined that my items are there safe tucked in my bag. So, I tried to pack efficiently, accordingly and lightly. Check it out.


-passport, IC, matrix card
- charger, memory card, organizer
-medicine, water, dry food
-luggage lock
-money!!!!! though I haven't changed mine yet
-laundry bag
-ebook reader to kill the time. (i've opted to real book since CSL is no longer here. :(


yeah, lots of 'em. fail here.
tips: use your matte colour lip smack as eyeshadow. (front row most left)


add a pajama, socks, gloves and jacket.
tips: pashminas can also serve as neck scarves.


- a bucket bag. very handy and spacious
- watch, bracelet (matches with all outfit)
- booties and brogues (do protect them from the evil pressure and atmosphere)
- a clincher. 
- oh, don't forget your sunnies!

All packed up? I'm ready to fly!

It's much helpful if you have a checklist of things you needed to bring, what you need to settle before traveling (i.e. assignments!), clean you room, ask you parents and friends for money blessings, clear up your thoughts, mind as well as your heart and pray for the best from Allah. Orang kata apa lagi? "Jangan gembira sangat". Beragak agakla kan. Pen off now!

notabuku: Please pray for our well being during the trip, guys.  May you guys have a nice weekend and may Allah bless!


shiny2 star.. said...

selamat jalan awk..... jgn lupa ngan sy..hehehe

~anchor~ said...

tx farah!