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~ My story ~

Life is full of stories of extraordinary people.
Hopefully my story is one of it.

notabuku: Petang ini mau membawa kegembiraan kepada semua. Doakan kami. :)

~ Mari, mari semua sekali!!! Baca ini! ~

Sila klik untuk maklumat lanjut. Tq. :)

notabuku: Still water runs deep.

~ B.L.U.R ~

Boleh tak aku nak cakap something?
Bile aku baca satu blog ni, entri- entri dia really touched my heart.
It's as if I can feel what the blogger felt.

Kalau entri dia gembira, aku tumpang senyum.
Kalau entri dia lawak, aku tumpang ketawa.
Kalau entri dia sedih, aku tumpang simpati.
Kalau entri dia jiwa kecamuk, jiwa aku b'gelora juga.

Kenapa eh?
Aku terlebih menjiwai watak ke?

notabuku: Our life has not been a bed of roses.


10 things that I can say bout her.

 1.  Absorbed to online shopping ( my shopping mate ;p )
 2.  Very determined in doing something she wants to.
 3.  Caring and jiwa2. (--,)
 4.  Can be very mean too..haha
 5.  Has a sharp tongue to people that piss her off... (oopsie, careful)
 6.  Loves English and Organic Chem.
 7.  In loves with Haruma Miura but in relationship with Abe M. (or is it the other way round? )
 8.  Ayat pelik2 kadang (esp when she talks with n9 dialect) + she's hilarious...( ker?)
 9.  I can pour myself out to her. ( salu gak dgr my rant and nagging..tee hee)
10. I know she'll be there when I need her.. :)

 Make a wish!

Happy 21st dear, you are ancient! HAHA
May Allah bless you and all your loved ones.
May success accompany your life here and in the hereafter.
Forever stick us together.

~ have to jog with all these calories.hehe ~

notabuku: I got you two cakes! hehe okeh2 SR later k?

~ Ni apa yang aku fikir, tatau la korang ~


Aku ni disebabkan tak nak membazir duit yuran bayar tambang bas, terpaksa la aku tunggu bas kat bus stop untuk pergi ke kelas. 
Da mula sem ni, mula la bus stop dihiasi kertas - kertas iklan bermacam warna. Nak ape? Cari barang? Ada. Cari kereta sapu? Ada. Tapi selalunya mestilah aktiviti sekeliling kampus ni.
Kadang- kadang ada juga waktu perjalanan bas, buat makluman freshies kan...( they should've put the routes of the buses too. Freshies pagi2 first day aku da buat lawak dgn pakcik bas hindustan tuh)

Ok, berbalik kepada topik asal. Last week kolej aku ada 'Open College'. And one of the activities is ceramah yang bertajukkan cinta. Aku jujur la aku tak pergi. ( siyes terlupa). Lepas tu, pagi tadi aku baca ada satu kolej ni nak buat juga open college diorang and guess what? Ade forum dan topiknya juga adalah cinta. Di sini menimbulkan kesangsian dan keraguan aku. Memang tema open college uni aku tahun ni cinta ke? Da tader tajuk lain? Ke budak uni aku ni kije dok bercinta je? Balik-balik cakap pasal cinta. Ke sebab nak tarik pengunjung ke aktiviti tersebut topik yang so-called hangat ni diutarakan? 

kecik-kecik da pandai cintan-cintun eh.

Maybe la sebab nak bagi kesedaran kat students or ape-apela pasal cinta anak anjing taim stadi nih. Tapi agak- agak la. Dari aku masuk uni mesti lebih kurang je topik perbincangan. Bukan da cukup ilmu pasal ni, tapi aku rasa benda ni da sangat lapuk. Cuba bagi sesuatu yang lebih mencabar bagi kat budak- budak untuk berfikir. Contohnya, a talk on latest technology la kan. Nama da RU tapi students still berfikiran ............... ( isi la dengan apa yang korang rasa sesuai.) Dan aku rasa a talk on green earth adalah lebih menarik dari cakap pasal cinta. Aku bukan skeptic terhadap tajuk cinta ni. No, but a fresh change couldn't be so bad, right? 

~ Mari Belajar ~

Sem baru ni aku malas nak wat new sem resolutions ke hape.
Just go with it..
Layaannn je...

Training cam haram pon layan.

Homwek melambak pon layan.

Geledah thesis room pon layan.

Nafsu makan membuak pon layan.

Asal ase nak tido pon layan.

Tade limit dah nak watpe.
Aku nak ikot petua RAZ taim kuliah Environment.. No invisible boundary. Layaan...

notabuku: aku memang la tader life (i knew it ainul). huh.

~ teet...menunggu masa kembali ke......~


Let's admit it. I'm bored. Not that I have nothing to do (house chores, packing etc.) but yea, I'm lazy. Not gonna do it until last minute. Maybe I like the excitement of doing things at the edge of it? Or maybe I'm just plain lazy. haha (let's not find an excuse for myself but then, let's look at an optimistic side) haha again.

Well, this morning, the rain was pouring outside my window when i woke up and my Mickey Mouse comforter hung around my body tightly. Comfortable. But why I was squirming around? It is not everyday i can slept in and enjoy the 'comfy-to-sleep' weather. But whateva. I end up continuing my reading on ' The Gift'. Fell asleep last night without reading it.

~by Cecilia Ahern~

The thing that I found in 'The Gift' is very overwhelming. You see, gift is very important to some people. When it's your birthday ( or any special occasion) you expect a gift. The least, your best friend or one of your family members will give it. What's so special about a gift? Well, besides the fact that people pay for it and that 'it' happened to be something that you really wants but what else? Try to ponder over it. Ask in the deepest place in your heart why does it matter for people to give you gifts and what's the significance? There, you can cherish it more ( the gift and the gift-er).

Then, not only once that i read novels that put the word 'gift' in it be it in what language. First it was Hlovate's piece - Ked's Story. It was published in compilation of 'Pelangi'. The heroin was named Nawal as it is gift in arabic. She was like a gift to Ked and Ked did cherish her as he knew how much Nawal meant to him. Here, the gift is Nawal. But in 'The Gift' the gift is time. Have you happened to wish to be at two places in a time? Well, you can have it if you were Lou in this story. Always busy, always running for something and doesn't care about people around him makes him a total jerk.

Until, he met Gabe who was a beggar outside his office and looked like him. But no, it wasn't Gabe who substituted him when he is needed at two places in a time. So, what happened? Trust Cecilia Ahern to gives you magic and made you wanna believe it. Haha Actually, maybe it is magic for Lou to be at two places in the same time as it is the only opportunity for him to make redemption to his family for all the things he had done while being a jerk. Time is the essence of the story. As Lou cannot buy the time even if he got all the money in the world. Sadly, without his knowing, his time is running out. But it's better late than never. Lou did changed his family and friends feeling towards him. ( from jerk to dad-son-brother-husband they used to know)

A clock with magic? Maybe.
What matters is, not Lou or not Gabe. It didn't matters if they conjure any magic. It is we that live in the present that has to work it out so that we won't feel any regret in the future. The future is important but the present really matters. Lou is lucky to be given the opportunity, but what about us? Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal! (please, read it with intonation)

notabuku: yea I know, long writing, yada yada.. But hope it does give something to someone.  :)


 Changing? Not impossible.

It's good to know that someone somewhere is changing towards the better.
And sometimes, that someone somewhere tried to take somebody to change with them. 
Evolution together?
Is it easier?
I mean, to have someone that fight for the same thing as yours.
Experience the feelings as yours. In changing I mean.
Knowing that just in case you are somewhat weaken, someone will be there for you.
To strengthen you.
To motivate you.
What more could you ask?

A thing that I read in 'Versus" by Hlovate that sounds like this:
" There's always a room for changes in perfection. But nobody can be perfect. It's the journey becoming perfect that changes you."

This is what I took the meaning for. Not exactly the words. Different people took the meaning differently, righto?

notabuku: To all people who are 'changing', May Allah bless... Fighting! :)

~today was a blast!~

Hari ini amat gempak ye!
Okeh, aku da gile meroyan sasau.
The thing is, after a week of deprivation and other sux-s things...
I managed to get a short holiday today! Yay, 2 me!
what sux things?

# write report with explanations of the unexplained things.. (sux)

# make amendments for it for few times.. (sux)

# pop-presentation, or should i say impromptu.. (sux)

# get freaked out of d questions from boss coz u don't know what to answer.. (sux)

# seeing ur boss scratch his bald head thinking that ' what in the world this girl happened to do all these 10 weeks?'.. (sux)

# saying goodbye to others when ur least ready for it.. (sux)

# and practically crying for saying it.. (sux)

# re-submit ur report on monday when it is actually your precious holiday of 6 days only before coming back to uni.. (really3 sux)

so, do not ever have doubt on my helluva of a week! HAHA

However, today really made my whole week up! Forget it, maybe a month! Credit to Haen, Panjang n G for the rockin' day! Luv u guys! I think it's gonna be very dull not seeing u guys in a long time...

~teehee,nearly there~

~kewl choc~

~da macam Legion da ak tengok~

~lihatlah, jakun2 semuanya~

~Cara x?~

~waving kite?~


~tekala sape yg odd?~

 ~my lucky ball was the purple one~

~ eskem ag...panjang yg paksa ok!~

ok, all in all..today i had soo much fun that i was afraid that i'm gonna cry later...
it's really a wonder that a moment u happen to be laughing your hearts out and the next second u r ripping your heart out.huh.
sooo not 24/7 ok!
aku da stat melalut.

notabuku: sangat banyak pic kan? hahaha suka ati i ler...