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~today was a blast!~

Hari ini amat gempak ye!
Okeh, aku da gile meroyan sasau.
The thing is, after a week of deprivation and other sux-s things...
I managed to get a short holiday today! Yay, 2 me!
what sux things?

# write report with explanations of the unexplained things.. (sux)

# make amendments for it for few times.. (sux)

# pop-presentation, or should i say impromptu.. (sux)

# get freaked out of d questions from boss coz u don't know what to answer.. (sux)

# seeing ur boss scratch his bald head thinking that ' what in the world this girl happened to do all these 10 weeks?'.. (sux)

# saying goodbye to others when ur least ready for it.. (sux)

# and practically crying for saying it.. (sux)

# re-submit ur report on monday when it is actually your precious holiday of 6 days only before coming back to uni.. (really3 sux)

so, do not ever have doubt on my helluva of a week! HAHA

However, today really made my whole week up! Forget it, maybe a month! Credit to Haen, Panjang n G for the rockin' day! Luv u guys! I think it's gonna be very dull not seeing u guys in a long time...

~teehee,nearly there~

~kewl choc~

~da macam Legion da ak tengok~

~lihatlah, jakun2 semuanya~

~Cara x?~

~waving kite?~


~tekala sape yg odd?~

 ~my lucky ball was the purple one~

~ eskem ag...panjang yg paksa ok!~

ok, all in all..today i had soo much fun that i was afraid that i'm gonna cry later...
it's really a wonder that a moment u happen to be laughing your hearts out and the next second u r ripping your heart out.huh.
sooo not 24/7 ok!
aku da stat melalut.

notabuku: sangat banyak pic kan? hahaha suka ati i ler...


Fiona said...

desaru...lu nah g...nk g umh lu ah babe

~anchor~ said...

lu sombong wa ajak b'tandang lu tamo.
jempot2 dtg!