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  Salam Semua.

Harap semua sihat sihat saja walaupun sibuk menguruskan hal dunia jangan lah lupa kita ada lagi satu 'life' yang menanti. Pesanan lebih buat diri sendiri sebenarnya. Ditakdirkan satu hari aku bersinggah dekat HARRIS, termelekatlah pandangan aku dekat novel yang dijual sekali bertiga dari penulis yang sama la. Boleh tahan murah harga dia kalau beli 1 set. Selalu kan harga standard novel English sebuah RM 35.90. Aku fikir untung kalau beli, try usha novel dia worth la tak kan. Memang mantap Dorothy Koomson ni. Tajuk da la semua comel comel.

Kalau korang faham status kewangan fresh grad yang kerja pon tak tetap, korang faham la status kewangan aku. Jadi, every time aku datang Jusco aku singgah HARRIS untuk baca My Best Friend's Girl. Ada la tiga empat kali aku lepak sambung baca buku tu. Nasib aku tak sorok je buku yang aku baca tu. (tabiat ketika pergi bookstore masa kecik xdapat beli buku diingini jadi sorok so that orang lain pun taboleh amek)

Nak jadi cerita sedihnya bila aku da mampu memiliki 3-in-1 collection tu, HARRIS da tak jual! = =' Langsung, aku bertekad nak cari collection tu dekat MPH selalu mesti ada jugak. Tapi kekangan masa pulak.  Bila la hajat aku ni dapat tercapai agaknya. Altogether DK ada 7 novels. And aku berazam untuk mengumpulkannya. Untuk baca the first chapter of every novels, you guys can visit DK official web here.

Lagi, apa yang baru? Novel - novel dari my all time favourite authors la. Orang kata, kalau tak ada yang lama tak ada la yang baru ye tak? 

Review of CA's novels here and here.

Mahal.Jumpa yang hardcover je.

Review of NS's novels here and here

Review of JP's novel here.

Review of the previous novel here.

Belum kira yang JS lagi. Last time bli JS ialah Quartet. Kalau nak kira novel JS yang aku nak beli 5 tu minimum lah. Sekarang buntu nak buat belanjawan macam mane. Bestnyaaaaaaaa kalau dapat 50% - 70% discounts kan! If you guys wanted to receive updates of your fav author (s) join la Goodreads. Diorang akan send newsletters, tak adalah kita rasa ketinggalan zaman bila visit bookstore or worst, terlepas novel fav author korang!

notabuku: Let the body wanders on behalf of the battered soul.

TQ tq TQ tq TQ

Salam Semua.

Right, cerita basi coming ahead. Yeah, like seriously, boleh tak tahun depan je ko update za? Duh. Sorry kalau ade orang expect me to update (and I fail to do so) and sorry (more to myself) kalau actually takde orang pun expect entri ni lahir.. Haha But, whatever.

this could have been impossible if it weren't for you guys

Alhamdulillah, the UTM 47th Convocation was a success. My Bachelor's Degree journey had ended officially. Thinking back about what we went through back then could've bring tears to my eyes. Bila jumpa kawan - kawan semua walaupun sekejap, rasa rindunya.... Dulu dok mengadap muka masing - masing kan. Sedihnya.

I'll like to say thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU to those who had prayed for my success, guide me through the path, lend their ears and ideas, shared their loves and yeah the fund of course. All of these, were the things that brought me here. Hereby, I dedicate my degree yang tak seberapa ni to my PARENTS (especially them), rakan - rakan seperjuangan, rakan - rakan sepermainan, rakan - rakan tidur (sleeping partner), rakan - rakan sekolah dan tak lupa juga kepada lecturers terchenta.


Yelah, last but not least....


Still lost on my next step. Tiap kali habis belajar nak kena figure out balik cita cita. Ape nak jadi? Apa nak jadi? Sampai sekarang tak _____________ (isi mengikut kesesuaian dan kehendak hati)

notabuku:  Dia Sang Pemimpi.  :D

Dire heart condition & QUARTET

Salam Semua.

There are too  much emotions and feelings involved this past few weeks. I found myself to be in a very unstable condition. Things that I didn't expect to happen and had  affect me miserably. Alhamdulillah, there are my friends that willingly to share my feelings and at that time I was like so blank I forgot that there must be 'hikmah' behind all these. Thanks again to my amigos who showed me the 'light'.

Still, I'm trying to forget what's need to be forgotten. As I poured my heart to a dear friend, she expressed her gratefulness for what had happened to her. Those 'bad' things made her heart stronger. I guess I'm not that strong enough and maybe I'm under training to strengthen my heart, insya-Allah. 

So, I indulge myself in a great novel, QUARTET written by Saidatul Saffaa. My review of her another novel, here. A journey of Rumaisa's transformation  from a 'biasa biasa girl' to an ideal muslimah. When reading this novel it sort of a pang in my heart and a bang in my head. Jadi malu sendiri.

To much anecdotes and quotes to post but I'll like to share this one with you guys.

Dan apabila hamba - hamba - Ku bertanya kepadamu mengenai Aku, maka (jawablah), bahawasanya Aku (Allah) sentiasa hampir (kepada mereka). Aku perkenankan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia berdoa kepada - Ku, maka hendaklah mereka menyahut seruan - Ku (dengan mematuhi perintah - Ku), dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada - Ku supaya mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran.
(al - Baqarah : 186)

In a middle of misery, I found this book and somehow it soothe my heart. Alhamdulillah. I'll like to say that Saidatul Saffaa (SS) writing style changes a bit.  i think Quartet felt a bit more appealing and more sporty than SS previous stories. Maybe to reach out to the youngsters? If it is I'm praying hard for it and I also pray that this novel will be an inspiration for us to experience what Rumaisa's had faced. But Allah, can I pray that less heartache for me? (can this be called ungrateful and tak redha?)

Have you guys ever wondered why that when we were kids, even simple things can made us smile and laugh. Is it really hard to be an adult that we are very much difficult to please? Slightest mistakes or a small bumps in the road can upsets us very much. Why can't we enjoy the those 'simple' things anymore?

Last but not least, I'll like to wish:

1. Good luck and ganbatte to my sister in her UPSR battle. Fighting!
2. All the best to all my friends. Be it you are still in uni, working or at home.
3. Cheer up to myself. ^^

notabuku: Bestnyaaaaaaaa, jelesnyaaaaaa... Those who are still studying, carpe diem.


it's because i can see
and feel
even not with my eyes
but with my heart

that's all i'm asking


Happy Eid Everyone

Salam Semua...


Alhamdulillah, after a while of raya-ing, eating and resting I manage to drag myself to write an entry.  : D How's your Eid celebration? Hope this Eid brings a lot of beautiful memories to you guys. 

As for me, as much as I tried to enjoy myslef to the fullest, I found it's a bit difficult. It's like the Eid spirit slowly evaporate from me by the year. Or is it a normal thing as we grew up? Or is it because less 'duit raya' for me? Hee~ Kidding.

However, I'm really looking forward for our 'Raya Konvoi' next week. Sure it's gonna be a big hit and worth saving the date for. And what's upcoming this month that is worth to save the date for? My convocation! Wee~ (^_^) What to wear, what to wear? 

Last night was my first attempt to bake cheese tart and Alhamdulillah the result was fruitful. Tapi tak reti nak buat decoration.

Kiriman tart dan doa semoga perjalanan awak selamat.

Da cukup panjang tak entri ni? hehehe Somehow it's a bit trying for me to write lately. I don't know why. Oh, by the way, I think I need new novels! Desperately! Maybe that's why.

notabuku: Sorry for all my wrongdoings to you guys and may Allah bless.. (-_^)

Going To The Beach 101

Salam Semua.

The first day of fasting! Don't just sit back and relax, do something people! (^_^) Just wanna share something with you guys.

Tg. Balau, 31/7/11

When going to the beach, you do not:

1. Wear tudung
2. Wear white apparel
3. Wear something really tight
4. Wear shoes!
5. Wear jewellery
6. Litter

 Let us preserve the environment.

When going to the beach, you should:

1. Wear shawls or tudung indon. If not, your tudung will be crooked all the way due to the strong wind.

2. Wear something of darker shade. If you happened to be in charge of BBQ, and you're wearing white scarf or shirt what happens if the grits got on you? Or you don't want everybody else, and I mean EVERYBODY to see what you're wearing (or not) inside when you get wet? Better be safe!

3. Wear something airy. It is freakingly (excuse my language) hot at the beach. Let your body have some air to breathe the fresh sea breeze. Don't be selfish, will ya?

4. Wear flip- flops. You are a boring person if you wear shoes to the beach, unless you are in some kind of wedding shooting or a wedding itself. Things like that.

5. Minimize your bling-bling. It's kinda dangerous, don't you think? The possibilities that your jewelries might fall into the sea or being snatched is quite high actually.

6. Use the dustbins provided. Come on, the dustbins are EVERYWHERE! Use it! You don't wanna hurt people strolling by the sea as well as the environment.

Tips written solely by experience. This is the same place that I went with my friends a year before. Click here for more pictures.

notabuku: I hope this is useful to others... (^_-)

Contengan Jalanan

Salam Semua.

Salam Ramadhan Mubarak to all. I found a novel that is really inspiring me to go further, do much better in this Ramadhan. The novel is Contengan Jalanan by Hlovate. The author's abilities to convey meaningful thoughts and interesting stories of 'our people' are well-known. 

The novel consists of two parts, the first is the story of Fend and the second part is from K-Square. I only managed to finished Fend's story and it was an amazing experience reading it. The story started with Fend's life, a band - a passion in drawing - freelancing, pretty much the urban style of people nowadays.

However, someone kind of giving him the random thought of  'The man that decided to change on the twelfth hour dies on the eleventh '. Fend kept thinking of this and asked his fellas around. Then, one day, his cousin,Chad who stayed in Texas, invited him to a trip to Australia. During Ramadhan. Backpacking. At first, Fend had no idea what Chad was planning until they arrived at Kingsford International Airport, Sydney.

The same idea as club - hopping, Chad suggested to do 'masjid-hopping'. They will sleep, make ibadah. eat and learn from masjid to masjid. This is where the beautiful story starts. Their adventure in Australia for a week during Ramadhan was very inspiring and felt meaningful. The life of Muslims there to be compared with us here. They spend every ticking seconds trying to do as much as good deeds as possible. 

What Hlovate tried to convey here, our community had some sort of loss the 'Ramadhan spirit'. People busied themselves preparing for Eid Fitr, neglecting Ramadhan. I must agree with this statement, my friends. So, let us try this Ramadhan, to lift up the Ramadhan spirit among us. And, to help us out, there is a checklist called Mutabaah Amal. Where we can target amal ibadah especially during this holy month. It can be downloaded from the net, just try to search for it.  : )

credit to Minda Syabab

I meant to post this entry earlier so that you guys can read the novel before Ramadhan starts in order to experience the same feelings as mine. It's never too late though. Go and read it! May this Ramadhan brings a new meaning to us. (-_-)v

notabuku : thanks a lot to Zara for helping to buy this book at PBAKL. I even got the bookmark from Hlovate! Yay!

Safe Haven

Salam Semua.

Another novel from Nicholas Sparks. It was published quite a while ago but I only found it in the store recently. When it comes to Nicholas Sparks (NS) it always involved someone's spouse already passed away, a new couple met each other, they went through thick and thin together and live happily ever after or not. To me, the idea of NS is everyone has their own destiny in true love, everybody got a chance and how you appreciate them is more important.

Safe Haven is a story that kept you asking what really happened to Katie that made her start a new life in Southport, why she always looked behind her back and why she can't let her guard down especially if someone wants to get to know her better. And boy, turning over a new leaf wasn't as easy as it sounds. However, Katie had a privilege of having Jo the neighbor + her new best friend. With Jo she shares her stories, her past, her real self. Then comes her knight in shining armor, Alex and his kids. With them, she learn to trust again, to be herself again and she learn how to be happy. 

Soon, Alex and Jo learned about the mystery of Katie's past. She was a victim of domestic abuse. What's more frightening she had no one to turn to as her abuser is a police officer. A detective at heart but with an alcoholic problem, he tracked Katie down to Southport. Their encounter is quite messy and gruesome you might wanna read those yourselves.

Reading the novel made me realize that you can't hide forever, the fear will always be there and it takes lots of courage to get up and fight it. Katie regained her courage through her new friends and loves. It is a good thing I reckoned. Let us change our perspective on how we see the world, embrace the loves around us!

hi everyone~

It's been a while right? Things have been happening a lot for the past few weeks and for sure I'll treasure those moments and keep it secured tight in my heart. Other than that, I hope my friends are doing fine since we rarely contact each other due to my schedule. Back during my training, a lot of things came to my mind and those things made me felt less secured. However, I believe that we can be stronger with the presence of our loved ones. No need to say much, smiles and hugs will do!

cool tak cool lah : tauke kedai

Salam semua.

Sambungan berangan aku (sort of sequel of this.) . Jom berangan sama sama demi meningkatkan daya imaginasi. Aku selalu berangan nak bukak kedai sendiri, yelah boleh pakai sendiri jugak kan? Memang heaven kalau kedai kedai ni kita yang punyaaaa:

* kedai bakery > kau makan je apa kau nak. eh tak, bukan masak sendiri. ade baker.

* restoran > bukak la restoran makanan kegemaran kau kan. pastu order je, chef masak kan.

* nursery > bukan jaga budak, jaga pokok.

* shopping mall > ehm kalau aku! aku rasa kosong kedai aku sendiri guna je.

* kedai kasut/ handbag > tatau la celah mana aku nak dapat duit sebab nati aku rasa aku pakai sendiri jugak. kedai baju falls into the same category.. :)

* kedai buku > di samping menjual, kau juga boleh menumpang baca

* kedai aiskrim > sekali lagi, kau pilihlah la anything anytime. kau bos.

* ladang > ni kedai ke? takesa la yang penting bisnes. kalau ta tahan bau, pakai mask. yang penting duit oke!

* kedai bunga! > oh so sweet la kan.

* kedai kereta! > rental transportation includes here too. eg: private jet, buses, cars, limos etc.

* komputer/cd/tech > latest design and art of techs in your hands.imagine low yatt and landmark are yours...

* jual tanah? > dunno exact name for it. what i know for sure it screams moneyy!!!

* travel agency > need i explain  further?

Okay, da ujung ujung ni macam money matters the most pulak. But, get it right people! Satisfaction is some sort of the priority hence comes the money...

one thing that money can't beats

* oh, theme park owner > freakingly awesome.

I think this is it, or should I pen in longer? Nah, you guys can manage a month or so without me. Take care and have fun for me peeps!

notabuku: what could be waiting for us in this final most anticipated moments?


Salam semua.

KETUPAT CINTA is a very wholesome novel that I felt to quote all those interesting facts, delicious recipes, advices, sarcasm and many more sweet and sour (read: masam manis) taste of the book to share with you guys.

A Malacca historical story that is been tale-telled by the Malacca royal chef, Tun Lepat during his imprisonment, to Hang Seleri, his cellmate and to the future generation, us.

The language is beautiful, the story is interesting, the witticism too funny to be ignored, you could never ask more of Faisal Tehrani the Anugerah Seni Negara award receiver. And need I mind you, that this is only the first part. Comes the second part, I'm sure more of conflicts, hilarious jokes and RECIPES to come our way. We'll be waiting for it, bon apetit!  

What we went through

Salam semua.

A singer  may be graded through Mentor, a fashion designer through Project Runway, a chef through Hell's Kitchen, a young chemist? Of course, through the PSM Symposium. 

I did mention a year before that we need to do our final year research (PSM) to complete our degree. All the hells, tears and 'excitement' were put to an end when we presented our findings at the 'Simposium Projek Sarjana Muda'. The nervous and headache upon facing the presentation is nothing like you can imagine. All of us were like O-M-G screaming out of our lungs every time we inhaled.

Instead of feeling relieved, we worried for the results, however we managed to smile, a little. Supporting and cheering for friends that haven't spilled their guts out in front, debating with the ever doubting lecturers, stressing our point of views and receiving a round of applause from the audience. Despite all the hectic we sure will reminiscing these crucial moments a lot in the future. And to see all of our handwork to be repaid, such a warm feeling and will bring ear to ear smile on our face. Call it the bittersweet memory.

Tomorrow, it is not the end. Tomorrow is a new day to begin our new life. For tomorrow that is always a mystery, just some hardwork and prayers to be relied on. I'm praying for our paths will bring the best of us.

notabuku: i still can't believe it.

Sundays at Tiffany's

Salam Semua.

I believed that many of us believed in true love (or at least hoping for one). Sometimes I think it was just sooo sweet but sometimes I think it is a bull. Nevertheless, when love occurring (no, not to me), I cannot help to smile along with the happy people. Good treats are so hard to resist right? And there's always a catch behind it. What if your true love is the least expected people of all? What if your true love is actually your imaginary friend (IF)?

It sure as hell, gonna tear me apart. You know the drill right? The imaginary friend drill. They play, they cheer, they laugh, they kid around you and they will stay with you forever, BFF. Not. Comes the time they have to go as a sign you are ready to face the big beautiful world. Alone. Well, if you happens to be Jane, when she only had a mother that is too busy to think about herself than her daughter, a father that only meet you less than a minute to deliver a purple poodle (stuffed not the real one) and dashed off to your most favourite place in the world with his new girlfriend, so yeah, you have to face the world alone.Michael (Jane's IF) has or had been her friend from she's four till forever, or so she thought. The IF business had a different idea for them. Michael had to leave Jane on her eighth birthday party. It was so sad if you can imagined it. hehe

Then, here comes the twist. Jane can't forget about Michael even after 22 years past by. Another drill for the IFs is the child will soon forget bout the IF leaving only a pang of memories or none at all. Jane grew up to be a great woman working with her dreadful mother theater house and in a relationship with a oh so famous actor. Still, her memories of Michael remains and she wanted to make a  movie of their stories together.

Michael, who had just finished his task came back to New York to relax. He's in what called as 'between the jobs'. Enjoying the city view, he saw Jane, beautiful than ever, but it was the grown up Jane. He is sure as hell that she won't remember him but he couldn't stop himself from stalking her. Eventually they met, and you guys have to guess the remaining part yourself.... hahahahaha (what a dope I am)

The story was beautiful. Full of love and passion. If a person doesn't state that he/she doesn't loves ya it doesn't mean they don't. Sometimes, you just know. ( :  They got a movie bout this novel but I haven't watched it, only the trailer. The first scene is already a bluff. Michael is not a kid! He's a grown up thirty-ish guy and will stay thirty-ish forever! Huh. that's why I hate it when novels were turned into movie. They just don't get it right. *pout* Ahh, before I forgot, Cecilia Ahern - If You Could See me now is one of the best story bout IF. I LOVE IT. Till then, enjoy your long holidays guys!

 Eric Winter is kinda cute, huh? *blush*

notabuku: I've been reminiscing a lot lately. same old same old. To all SSCs wishing us all good lucks and courage. Give your damn best to 'em!

penat lah

everytime you slash,
it hurts like hell.
and here i thought,
it was healing.
but the pang come again.
and here i thought,
my heart was immune.
but why it is still bleeding?


coming soon,

Sundays at Tiffany's

notabuku: sorry for the negative titles lately. that day it was 'bosan' now 'penat'. *sigh* i'm also dissapointed with myself. = =

yuki_max, sori tapi aku bosan..... lalalala~

Salam Semua!

Bila kena stadi aku memang pandai buat alasan. Sebelum stadi bilik kena kemas dulu, basuh baju, lipat baju, kemas meja apalah lagi alasan, sure aku boleh lengah lengah kan belajar. Ehem, termasuk aktiviti menaip sekarang ni. ;p

Aku saja nak cerita, kan kami ada traditional night masa last day kat Ajou Uni, konon konon la nak chantek chantek kan.... Semua orang pon tak pandai mekap. (prof pon tak pakai mekap). Aku? Aku da lama bangat tak mekap orang (dan  diri sendiri). Tapi, demi menjaga nama baik Malaysia supaya kami nampak 'presentable' la masa perform tu aku pun memikul la kan tanggungjawab ni. Ye, saya sedar amat poyo bukan? 

 budak budak ni memang ditempah khas buat performance. awesome wa cakap lu.

Ziyen terpaksa jadi model tester cum guinea pig, nak tengok mekap camaner matching. Tapi sebab da lama tak beraksi, cewah, aku hilang idea gila. Mau tiga kali mata dia tukar warna. Ala ala chameleon. haha sori babe, can't help it! Last last buat smoky jeh.. Habis citer, senang. (gila pemalas)

Jadi, apa kaitan dengan yuki_max? Dia ta pernah oh pakai mekap before this! Kami pun giat la dia.... Chantek uolss dia malam tuh... Mak tak tipu.... Da nampak la kalau jadi pengantin tuh, ape ghupe dia nati... nak tengok tak? Haha habis mak kena rejam ngan beliau nati.... tapi demi uollss mak takesa!

Dak dak tarian kipas ke xin yang make up.

 Ziyen si model dan yuki_max bakal pengantin!

ye, mak andam harus interframe begitu.

Haha tikah baru rasa lengkap hidup aku..... Aku ni tak memasal an cakap pasal mekap.. Sebenarnya jap lagi nak pergi kenduri kawen! Celak pon da lama tak sentuh. Tengok betapa eksaited aku nak menghabiskan sisa baki hidup di Uni sampai tak sabar nak pegi kelas.... Dah, pergi ngadap buku sana!

notabuku: more juicy updates on books to come, soon! tapi soon tu tatau la soon macam mana kan... hehe TT

say it's NOT true!!!!!!!

Salam Semua.

In Faisal Tehrani latest post, click, he is going to STOP blogging officially! How am I going to know his updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't accept this. T.T

Entri ini akan menjadi entri terakhir blog ini. 
Saya secara rasmi meninggalkan dunia blog. 
Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi laman kecil ini selama ini.

notabuku: to Atun dearie, selamat hari lahir.... hugs n kisses for u!

Message In A Bottle

Dear Theresa,

Can you forgive me? In a world that I seldom understand, there are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one's cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore. You, my darling, are the wind that I did not anticipate, the wind that has gusted more strongly than I ever imagined possible. You are my destiny.

I was wrong, so wrong, to ignore what was obvious, and I beg your forgiveness. Like a cautious traveler, I tried to protect myself from the wind and lost my soul instead. I was a fool to ignore my destiny, but even fools have feelings, and I've come to realize that you are the most important thing that I have in this world.

I know I'm not perfect. I've made more mistakes in the pas few months than some make in a lifetime. I was wrong to have acted as I did when I found the letters, just as I was wrong to hide the truth about what I was going through with respect to my past. When I chased you as you drove down the street and again as I watched you leave from the airport, I knew I should have tried harder to stop you. But most of all, I was wrong to deny what obvious in my heart: that I can't go on without you. 

In my dream, I saw myself on the beach with Catherine, in the same spot I took you after our lunch at Hank's. It was bright in the sun, the rays reflecting brilliantly off the sand. As we walked alongside each other, she listened intently as I told her about you, about us, about the wonderful times we shared. Finally, after some hesitation, I admitted, that I loved you, but that I feel guilty about it. She said nothing right away but simply kept walking until finally turned to me and askesd, "Why?"
"Because of you."

Upon hearing my answer, she smiled at me with patient amusement, the way she used to before she died. "Oh, Garrett," she finally said as she gently touched my face, "who do you think it was that brought the bottle to her?"

When I woke up, I felt empty and alone. The dream did not comfort me. Rather, it made me ache inside because of what I had done to us, and I began to cry. When I finally pulled myself together, I knew what I had to do. With shaking hand, I wrote two letters: the one you're holding and one to Catherine, in which I finally said my goodbye. Today I'm taking Happenstance out to send it to her, as I have with all the others. It will be my last letter ---- Catherine, in her own way, has told me to go on, and I have chosen to listen. Not only to her words, but also to the leanings of my heart that led me back to you. 

Oh, Theresa, I am sorry, so very sorry, that I ever hurt you. I am coming to Boston next week with the hope that you find a way to forgive me. Maybe I'm too late now. I don't know. I will move to Boston if you ask because I cannot go on this way. I am sick and sad without you. As I sit here in the kitchen, I am praying that you will let me come back to you, this time forever.


I knowwww..... It's too long for you guys. But I just can't help myself from posting it in here. It really gives something to my little heart... Maybe you guys will feel the same? A letter poured by Garrett to Theresa (obviously) with all his heart. Argh I can't imagine loving someone but can't hold them right next to you.

The letter did got to Theresa but Garrett did not. Sending the last goodbye letter to Catherine, he was caught in a storm. How heart tearing was that? I think I'm going to cry. Again. This story is of love, of heart and of life. I hate Nicholas Sparks for that! (I also cried when I read A Walk To Remember. How can I not?) This review is a bit spoiler as you guys already knew the ending but what the heck? Just read it to experience it. It was worth every seconds. Feel the ache of broken heart, feel the warmth of love, feel the sorrow of loneliness just sit back and enjoy it.

notabuku: can't stop myself from falling head over heels for BIG BANG over and over again!

where have I been???

Salam Semua.

Believe it or not, I didn't bought a single novel since like FOREVER. I can't even remember the last book I bought! How did I manage without any novels until now? Well, I didn't. I just borrowed from our beloved uni's library. I'll like to give my most heartful THANKS to PSZ for having that Sudut Kreatif or whatsitsname. But I seemed to borrow only English novels there. I'm a so-called picky Malay novels reader. *rolled eyes*

So what happens after you are celibating over novels (that you buy)? You get corn-eyed when you see new novels on the book store shelves! Which I'm encountering right now. Then, I waited for this month to come (allowance, ehem.) to buy those lusty novels that I saw. And boy, I'm not going to limit myself. I'll just buy!!!! (so this is the syndrome when a novel-holic fasts but no, I HAVE to limit myself actually.)

Presenting to you,~ NOVELS GALORE ~

*book covers are taken from JS web

These are the novels releases from Jan 2011 to May 2011. Contengan Jalanan by Hlovate and Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit by Syud are May releases but be the first to grab 'em at the JS booth, Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur on 22 Apr-1 May 2011. Zara, I need your help here pretty please.... ^^

News for you guys, JS Pubs has already re-branded to JS Sdn Bhd at they changed to a new website. Wanna view it? Click ♥.  I only noticed the tagline which is 'Menerbitkan Novel Bersahsiah sejak 2006' I don't think it's there before but it is so true! 

By the way, I'm sorry I haven't book-reviewing for a loonngggg time. Not that I know if anybody anticipates it, oh well I do hope somebody does. Teehee~  Just bear with me and hang on for a little while okay?

notabuku: my perfect idea of spending the weekend > immerse yourself in novels lazily in your bed or couch and enjoy the nice sunny weather. Not gonna happen though. TT. *shattered glass* Hoping you peeps are gonna enjoy the weekend!

when dream hits reality

sometimes I wonder if you are real
or are you just a fraction of an imagination
but still you linger in my mind
bounded with my memory
that will never fade....

sometimes how I wish to see you
cause this small heart of mine
fighting a battle inside  
missing you....

sometimes I knew that it is impossible
but I could always hope
and pray....

for you.

notabuku: sleep disorder.   XXX (- _-) zzZ >>>> (o_o)

cool tak cool lah : ajou university

Salam Semua.

Uh-huh you guys must be wondering how the heck a uni can be cool? It's a place where a lot of young people struggling studying and juggling their life. Ecewah bunyi nak hebat jah. Apapon, just wait till you read my point yeah?

So, a bit about Ajou Uni... It is located at Suwon about an hour and a half from Incheon... Established in 1973 and they some sort of have an agreement with the France gov to build the education institution. Surely there are a bit of France-y thingy here and there at Ajou. Top 10 things why ajou uni is cool:

10. You got to see students doing cute dancing by the street for the election campaign. See? They even got cute pink lab coat on.

9. Instead of ROTU they got ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Cops). How cool is that?

8. They have their own ' Tugu Universiti '. Like this. 

 Please don't mind that four people~ ^^

7. They have this cute post-PhD student walking around the hall and giving lecture on XRD instrument WHILE massaging his bad backache WITH a hammer. (not the spiky one of course) 

Yeah, that's him doing his massage. Sorry oppa I put your pic here. ^^'

6. Each of the students got to produce a poster each year depending on their annual special project.Well, they do collaborate with their lab partner and a master student though.

It's Jung-jin with his poster. (:

5. Dreaming of walking a beautiful path with your friends while sipping yummy hot mocha along the way to keep warm? Yeah, we managed that. 

Us, two caffeine-holics apparently.

4. Have you ever seen Winnie The Pooh hanging around at a uni? Well, we had.

 A cool and sporting Winnie I might say. ;p

3. Always beautiful scenery surrounding you. Every spot is worth picture-snapping!

2. The ratio of male students to female student is 4:1. Ehem, so you got my gist. Males everywhere (heaven?) and the 1/5 portion of the girls? Yeah, they are beauties.(heck.) haha

 Haha tikah, gotcha!

And the #1 reason why Ajou Uni is sooo cool is, *drumroll*

1. We met our freaking-rocking-cool friend here! You guys are AWESOME!

Really, visiting Ajou Uni was all fun (despite the lectures and presentations ;p). We did flirt a little too much I think. I blame the Korean guys for upsetting the girls hormones. haha *devilgrin* Wish that the Ajou-rians are gonna come and pay us a visit here! Till then, take care!

notabuku: busy la konon kan... Haha, azza, you LIAR!