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~ the book of tomorrow~

Yosh! \(^_^)/

Arini aku balik kg. Bosan-bosan dalam keta aku layan novel Cecilia Ahern >> The Book Of Tomorrow.
Cecilia Ahern ni simply one of my favourite authors.Ni hasil tulisan beliau :
  • P.S. I Love You ( e-novel, read)
  • A Place Called Here (owned, read)
  • If  You Could See Me Now (owned, read)
  • Where Rainbows End a.k.a Love, Rosie (owned, read)
  • The Gift ( owned, in progress)
  • The Book Of Tomorrow (owned, read)
  • Thanks For The Memories (borrowed from Atin, read)

Sangat3 best ok. Ahern's way of story is definitely unique. She managed to touch my heart in every single book and believe me, her books are simply not alike at all. You can't found any single similarities accept for  the juicy story that made your heart leaps and the author (of course). haha It's really amazing how the story manages to make me cry every each time I re-read it (maybe im jz easily touched). Especially If You Could See Me Now. Gosh the story is soooo sweet but nevertheless sad.Then, there's P.S. I Love You. If you guys watched the movies and cried, wait till you read the novel. I'll give Ahern a toing toing salute as I think ALL her books are very rare and manage to touch the emotions of people all around the world. Never mind the fact that she wrote the P.S. I Love You at the age of 21.

So, what's all the fuss with The Book Of Tomorrow? Reading Ahern's book made me engulfed in a new world. Well, to be precise in Ireland as that's her origin and all of her novels' settings are there. Ireland I mean. I was so absorb into the words that it feels like I was there watching all the plots come together.The novel started with an analog of people flourishing from buds into flowers as they get older by the main character, Tamara. She's the idea of modern age, spoiled brat who is very ungrateful. She used to have everything that she wants and can't accept a no even from her parents. When she said ' Thank You' it's not like she meant it or appreciate it. But the sky is not gonna shine forever. Tamara's storm started when her father died of suicide. Tamara and her mother had to move to the country side with her aunt and uncle.
This is where the story heats up. There, she met a moving-library-guy and found a book that tells the things gonna happen in her future.

Banyak ah benda yang berlaku after that. And all the things that been written in the so-called diary really happened as if predicting her future. Ada gak si Tamara ni test, kalau dia tukar tindakan dia, apa akan berlaku? Kesan yang macam mana?

This book thought me of how important for us to nurture the buds before it bloom into any kind of flower. The early stage nurturing will determine what we will be. Then, it thought me of how our actions will give consequences to others. Besides that, Ahern convey the message of selfishness will give you doom. With that, I thank you. :)

~chomey gak minah Ahern ni~

notabuku: Don't you think it's sweet to receive the P.S. I Love You from someone. it's like they really wanna say that they luv u! :)


Fiona said...

ak suke ps i love u..hhehhe

~anchor~ said...

bagus! kite geng!