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penat lah

everytime you slash,
it hurts like hell.
and here i thought,
it was healing.
but the pang come again.
and here i thought,
my heart was immune.
but why it is still bleeding?


coming soon,

Sundays at Tiffany's

notabuku: sorry for the negative titles lately. that day it was 'bosan' now 'penat'. *sigh* i'm also dissapointed with myself. = =

yuki_max, sori tapi aku bosan..... lalalala~

Salam Semua!

Bila kena stadi aku memang pandai buat alasan. Sebelum stadi bilik kena kemas dulu, basuh baju, lipat baju, kemas meja apalah lagi alasan, sure aku boleh lengah lengah kan belajar. Ehem, termasuk aktiviti menaip sekarang ni. ;p

Aku saja nak cerita, kan kami ada traditional night masa last day kat Ajou Uni, konon konon la nak chantek chantek kan.... Semua orang pon tak pandai mekap. (prof pon tak pakai mekap). Aku? Aku da lama bangat tak mekap orang (dan  diri sendiri). Tapi, demi menjaga nama baik Malaysia supaya kami nampak 'presentable' la masa perform tu aku pun memikul la kan tanggungjawab ni. Ye, saya sedar amat poyo bukan? 

 budak budak ni memang ditempah khas buat performance. awesome wa cakap lu.

Ziyen terpaksa jadi model tester cum guinea pig, nak tengok mekap camaner matching. Tapi sebab da lama tak beraksi, cewah, aku hilang idea gila. Mau tiga kali mata dia tukar warna. Ala ala chameleon. haha sori babe, can't help it! Last last buat smoky jeh.. Habis citer, senang. (gila pemalas)

Jadi, apa kaitan dengan yuki_max? Dia ta pernah oh pakai mekap before this! Kami pun giat la dia.... Chantek uolss dia malam tuh... Mak tak tipu.... Da nampak la kalau jadi pengantin tuh, ape ghupe dia nati... nak tengok tak? Haha habis mak kena rejam ngan beliau nati.... tapi demi uollss mak takesa!

Dak dak tarian kipas ke xin yang make up.

 Ziyen si model dan yuki_max bakal pengantin!

ye, mak andam harus interframe begitu.

Haha tikah baru rasa lengkap hidup aku..... Aku ni tak memasal an cakap pasal mekap.. Sebenarnya jap lagi nak pergi kenduri kawen! Celak pon da lama tak sentuh. Tengok betapa eksaited aku nak menghabiskan sisa baki hidup di Uni sampai tak sabar nak pegi kelas.... Dah, pergi ngadap buku sana!

notabuku: more juicy updates on books to come, soon! tapi soon tu tatau la soon macam mana kan... hehe TT

say it's NOT true!!!!!!!

Salam Semua.

In Faisal Tehrani latest post, click, he is going to STOP blogging officially! How am I going to know his updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still can't accept this. T.T

Entri ini akan menjadi entri terakhir blog ini. 
Saya secara rasmi meninggalkan dunia blog. 
Terima kasih kerana mengunjungi laman kecil ini selama ini.

notabuku: to Atun dearie, selamat hari lahir.... hugs n kisses for u!

Message In A Bottle

Dear Theresa,

Can you forgive me? In a world that I seldom understand, there are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one's cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore. You, my darling, are the wind that I did not anticipate, the wind that has gusted more strongly than I ever imagined possible. You are my destiny.

I was wrong, so wrong, to ignore what was obvious, and I beg your forgiveness. Like a cautious traveler, I tried to protect myself from the wind and lost my soul instead. I was a fool to ignore my destiny, but even fools have feelings, and I've come to realize that you are the most important thing that I have in this world.

I know I'm not perfect. I've made more mistakes in the pas few months than some make in a lifetime. I was wrong to have acted as I did when I found the letters, just as I was wrong to hide the truth about what I was going through with respect to my past. When I chased you as you drove down the street and again as I watched you leave from the airport, I knew I should have tried harder to stop you. But most of all, I was wrong to deny what obvious in my heart: that I can't go on without you. 

In my dream, I saw myself on the beach with Catherine, in the same spot I took you after our lunch at Hank's. It was bright in the sun, the rays reflecting brilliantly off the sand. As we walked alongside each other, she listened intently as I told her about you, about us, about the wonderful times we shared. Finally, after some hesitation, I admitted, that I loved you, but that I feel guilty about it. She said nothing right away but simply kept walking until finally turned to me and askesd, "Why?"
"Because of you."

Upon hearing my answer, she smiled at me with patient amusement, the way she used to before she died. "Oh, Garrett," she finally said as she gently touched my face, "who do you think it was that brought the bottle to her?"

When I woke up, I felt empty and alone. The dream did not comfort me. Rather, it made me ache inside because of what I had done to us, and I began to cry. When I finally pulled myself together, I knew what I had to do. With shaking hand, I wrote two letters: the one you're holding and one to Catherine, in which I finally said my goodbye. Today I'm taking Happenstance out to send it to her, as I have with all the others. It will be my last letter ---- Catherine, in her own way, has told me to go on, and I have chosen to listen. Not only to her words, but also to the leanings of my heart that led me back to you. 

Oh, Theresa, I am sorry, so very sorry, that I ever hurt you. I am coming to Boston next week with the hope that you find a way to forgive me. Maybe I'm too late now. I don't know. I will move to Boston if you ask because I cannot go on this way. I am sick and sad without you. As I sit here in the kitchen, I am praying that you will let me come back to you, this time forever.


I knowwww..... It's too long for you guys. But I just can't help myself from posting it in here. It really gives something to my little heart... Maybe you guys will feel the same? A letter poured by Garrett to Theresa (obviously) with all his heart. Argh I can't imagine loving someone but can't hold them right next to you.

The letter did got to Theresa but Garrett did not. Sending the last goodbye letter to Catherine, he was caught in a storm. How heart tearing was that? I think I'm going to cry. Again. This story is of love, of heart and of life. I hate Nicholas Sparks for that! (I also cried when I read A Walk To Remember. How can I not?) This review is a bit spoiler as you guys already knew the ending but what the heck? Just read it to experience it. It was worth every seconds. Feel the ache of broken heart, feel the warmth of love, feel the sorrow of loneliness just sit back and enjoy it.

notabuku: can't stop myself from falling head over heels for BIG BANG over and over again!

where have I been???

Salam Semua.

Believe it or not, I didn't bought a single novel since like FOREVER. I can't even remember the last book I bought! How did I manage without any novels until now? Well, I didn't. I just borrowed from our beloved uni's library. I'll like to give my most heartful THANKS to PSZ for having that Sudut Kreatif or whatsitsname. But I seemed to borrow only English novels there. I'm a so-called picky Malay novels reader. *rolled eyes*

So what happens after you are celibating over novels (that you buy)? You get corn-eyed when you see new novels on the book store shelves! Which I'm encountering right now. Then, I waited for this month to come (allowance, ehem.) to buy those lusty novels that I saw. And boy, I'm not going to limit myself. I'll just buy!!!! (so this is the syndrome when a novel-holic fasts but no, I HAVE to limit myself actually.)

Presenting to you,~ NOVELS GALORE ~

*book covers are taken from JS web

These are the novels releases from Jan 2011 to May 2011. Contengan Jalanan by Hlovate and Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit by Syud are May releases but be the first to grab 'em at the JS booth, Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur on 22 Apr-1 May 2011. Zara, I need your help here pretty please.... ^^

News for you guys, JS Pubs has already re-branded to JS Sdn Bhd at they changed to a new website. Wanna view it? Click ♥.  I only noticed the tagline which is 'Menerbitkan Novel Bersahsiah sejak 2006' I don't think it's there before but it is so true! 

By the way, I'm sorry I haven't book-reviewing for a loonngggg time. Not that I know if anybody anticipates it, oh well I do hope somebody does. Teehee~  Just bear with me and hang on for a little while okay?

notabuku: my perfect idea of spending the weekend > immerse yourself in novels lazily in your bed or couch and enjoy the nice sunny weather. Not gonna happen though. TT. *shattered glass* Hoping you peeps are gonna enjoy the weekend!

when dream hits reality

sometimes I wonder if you are real
or are you just a fraction of an imagination
but still you linger in my mind
bounded with my memory
that will never fade....

sometimes how I wish to see you
cause this small heart of mine
fighting a battle inside  
missing you....

sometimes I knew that it is impossible
but I could always hope
and pray....

for you.

notabuku: sleep disorder.   XXX (- _-) zzZ >>>> (o_o)