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where have I been???

Salam Semua.

Believe it or not, I didn't bought a single novel since like FOREVER. I can't even remember the last book I bought! How did I manage without any novels until now? Well, I didn't. I just borrowed from our beloved uni's library. I'll like to give my most heartful THANKS to PSZ for having that Sudut Kreatif or whatsitsname. But I seemed to borrow only English novels there. I'm a so-called picky Malay novels reader. *rolled eyes*

So what happens after you are celibating over novels (that you buy)? You get corn-eyed when you see new novels on the book store shelves! Which I'm encountering right now. Then, I waited for this month to come (allowance, ehem.) to buy those lusty novels that I saw. And boy, I'm not going to limit myself. I'll just buy!!!! (so this is the syndrome when a novel-holic fasts but no, I HAVE to limit myself actually.)

Presenting to you,~ NOVELS GALORE ~

*book covers are taken from JS web

These are the novels releases from Jan 2011 to May 2011. Contengan Jalanan by Hlovate and Baju Melayu Hijau Serindit by Syud are May releases but be the first to grab 'em at the JS booth, Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur on 22 Apr-1 May 2011. Zara, I need your help here pretty please.... ^^

News for you guys, JS Pubs has already re-branded to JS Sdn Bhd at they changed to a new website. Wanna view it? Click ♥.  I only noticed the tagline which is 'Menerbitkan Novel Bersahsiah sejak 2006' I don't think it's there before but it is so true! 

By the way, I'm sorry I haven't book-reviewing for a loonngggg time. Not that I know if anybody anticipates it, oh well I do hope somebody does. Teehee~  Just bear with me and hang on for a little while okay?

notabuku: my perfect idea of spending the weekend > immerse yourself in novels lazily in your bed or couch and enjoy the nice sunny weather. Not gonna happen though. TT. *shattered glass* Hoping you peeps are gonna enjoy the weekend!


Zara Ninomiya said...

azza..i wish i could help...so sad that my final exam are still in progress along the dates! T_T

sorry dear!

~anchor~ said...

what a long exam that u have! '~_~

arghh have to find new victim.....

ctok^_^chan said...

ko bole baca novel nak ilangkan borng. aku? psiko~~

~anchor~ said...

tu la sape suro ko x minat big bang!


ok gila da.

Zara Ninomiya said...

aku brubah fikiran...aku akan pergi kot book fair tu...heheh.. =D

~anchor~ said...