what's here is hereit is all to my heart contentnot to brag not to lowmay it be true or may it not

when dream hits reality

sometimes I wonder if you are real
or are you just a fraction of an imagination
but still you linger in my mind
bounded with my memory
that will never fade....

sometimes how I wish to see you
cause this small heart of mine
fighting a battle inside  
missing you....

sometimes I knew that it is impossible
but I could always hope
and pray....

for you.

notabuku: sleep disorder.   XXX (- _-) zzZ >>>> (o_o)


azack said...

feel the same way right now..
hoping some miracles will come to my life..

~anchor~ said...

miracles just dont happen miraculously. TT we gonna have to work for it babe!fighting! V(^_^)V