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cool tak cool lah : tauke kedai

Salam semua.

Sambungan berangan aku (sort of sequel of this.) . Jom berangan sama sama demi meningkatkan daya imaginasi. Aku selalu berangan nak bukak kedai sendiri, yelah boleh pakai sendiri jugak kan? Memang heaven kalau kedai kedai ni kita yang punyaaaa:

* kedai bakery > kau makan je apa kau nak. eh tak, bukan masak sendiri. ade baker.

* restoran > bukak la restoran makanan kegemaran kau kan. pastu order je, chef masak kan.

* nursery > bukan jaga budak, jaga pokok.

* shopping mall > ehm kalau aku! aku rasa kosong kedai aku sendiri guna je.

* kedai kasut/ handbag > tatau la celah mana aku nak dapat duit sebab nati aku rasa aku pakai sendiri jugak. kedai baju falls into the same category.. :)

* kedai buku > di samping menjual, kau juga boleh menumpang baca

* kedai aiskrim > sekali lagi, kau pilihlah la anything anytime. kau bos.

* ladang > ni kedai ke? takesa la yang penting bisnes. kalau ta tahan bau, pakai mask. yang penting duit oke!

* kedai bunga! > oh so sweet la kan.

* kedai kereta! > rental transportation includes here too. eg: private jet, buses, cars, limos etc.

* komputer/cd/tech > latest design and art of techs in your hands.imagine low yatt and landmark are yours...

* jual tanah? > dunno exact name for it. what i know for sure it screams moneyy!!!

* travel agency > need i explain  further?

Okay, da ujung ujung ni macam money matters the most pulak. But, get it right people! Satisfaction is some sort of the priority hence comes the money...

one thing that money can't beats

* oh, theme park owner > freakingly awesome.

I think this is it, or should I pen in longer? Nah, you guys can manage a month or so without me. Take care and have fun for me peeps!

notabuku: what could be waiting for us in this final most anticipated moments?


Salam semua.

KETUPAT CINTA is a very wholesome novel that I felt to quote all those interesting facts, delicious recipes, advices, sarcasm and many more sweet and sour (read: masam manis) taste of the book to share with you guys.

A Malacca historical story that is been tale-telled by the Malacca royal chef, Tun Lepat during his imprisonment, to Hang Seleri, his cellmate and to the future generation, us.

The language is beautiful, the story is interesting, the witticism too funny to be ignored, you could never ask more of Faisal Tehrani the Anugerah Seni Negara award receiver. And need I mind you, that this is only the first part. Comes the second part, I'm sure more of conflicts, hilarious jokes and RECIPES to come our way. We'll be waiting for it, bon apetit!  

What we went through

Salam semua.

A singer  may be graded through Mentor, a fashion designer through Project Runway, a chef through Hell's Kitchen, a young chemist? Of course, through the PSM Symposium. 

I did mention a year before that we need to do our final year research (PSM) to complete our degree. All the hells, tears and 'excitement' were put to an end when we presented our findings at the 'Simposium Projek Sarjana Muda'. The nervous and headache upon facing the presentation is nothing like you can imagine. All of us were like O-M-G screaming out of our lungs every time we inhaled.

Instead of feeling relieved, we worried for the results, however we managed to smile, a little. Supporting and cheering for friends that haven't spilled their guts out in front, debating with the ever doubting lecturers, stressing our point of views and receiving a round of applause from the audience. Despite all the hectic we sure will reminiscing these crucial moments a lot in the future. And to see all of our handwork to be repaid, such a warm feeling and will bring ear to ear smile on our face. Call it the bittersweet memory.

Tomorrow, it is not the end. Tomorrow is a new day to begin our new life. For tomorrow that is always a mystery, just some hardwork and prayers to be relied on. I'm praying for our paths will bring the best of us.

notabuku: i still can't believe it.

Sundays at Tiffany's

Salam Semua.

I believed that many of us believed in true love (or at least hoping for one). Sometimes I think it was just sooo sweet but sometimes I think it is a bull. Nevertheless, when love occurring (no, not to me), I cannot help to smile along with the happy people. Good treats are so hard to resist right? And there's always a catch behind it. What if your true love is the least expected people of all? What if your true love is actually your imaginary friend (IF)?

It sure as hell, gonna tear me apart. You know the drill right? The imaginary friend drill. They play, they cheer, they laugh, they kid around you and they will stay with you forever, BFF. Not. Comes the time they have to go as a sign you are ready to face the big beautiful world. Alone. Well, if you happens to be Jane, when she only had a mother that is too busy to think about herself than her daughter, a father that only meet you less than a minute to deliver a purple poodle (stuffed not the real one) and dashed off to your most favourite place in the world with his new girlfriend, so yeah, you have to face the world alone.Michael (Jane's IF) has or had been her friend from she's four till forever, or so she thought. The IF business had a different idea for them. Michael had to leave Jane on her eighth birthday party. It was so sad if you can imagined it. hehe

Then, here comes the twist. Jane can't forget about Michael even after 22 years past by. Another drill for the IFs is the child will soon forget bout the IF leaving only a pang of memories or none at all. Jane grew up to be a great woman working with her dreadful mother theater house and in a relationship with a oh so famous actor. Still, her memories of Michael remains and she wanted to make a  movie of their stories together.

Michael, who had just finished his task came back to New York to relax. He's in what called as 'between the jobs'. Enjoying the city view, he saw Jane, beautiful than ever, but it was the grown up Jane. He is sure as hell that she won't remember him but he couldn't stop himself from stalking her. Eventually they met, and you guys have to guess the remaining part yourself.... hahahahaha (what a dope I am)

The story was beautiful. Full of love and passion. If a person doesn't state that he/she doesn't loves ya it doesn't mean they don't. Sometimes, you just know. ( :  They got a movie bout this novel but I haven't watched it, only the trailer. The first scene is already a bluff. Michael is not a kid! He's a grown up thirty-ish guy and will stay thirty-ish forever! Huh. that's why I hate it when novels were turned into movie. They just don't get it right. *pout* Ahh, before I forgot, Cecilia Ahern - If You Could See me now is one of the best story bout IF. I LOVE IT. Till then, enjoy your long holidays guys!

 Eric Winter is kinda cute, huh? *blush*

notabuku: I've been reminiscing a lot lately. same old same old. To all SSCs wishing us all good lucks and courage. Give your damn best to 'em!