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What we went through

Salam semua.

A singer  may be graded through Mentor, a fashion designer through Project Runway, a chef through Hell's Kitchen, a young chemist? Of course, through the PSM Symposium. 

I did mention a year before that we need to do our final year research (PSM) to complete our degree. All the hells, tears and 'excitement' were put to an end when we presented our findings at the 'Simposium Projek Sarjana Muda'. The nervous and headache upon facing the presentation is nothing like you can imagine. All of us were like O-M-G screaming out of our lungs every time we inhaled.

Instead of feeling relieved, we worried for the results, however we managed to smile, a little. Supporting and cheering for friends that haven't spilled their guts out in front, debating with the ever doubting lecturers, stressing our point of views and receiving a round of applause from the audience. Despite all the hectic we sure will reminiscing these crucial moments a lot in the future. And to see all of our handwork to be repaid, such a warm feeling and will bring ear to ear smile on our face. Call it the bittersweet memory.

Tomorrow, it is not the end. Tomorrow is a new day to begin our new life. For tomorrow that is always a mystery, just some hardwork and prayers to be relied on. I'm praying for our paths will bring the best of us.

notabuku: i still can't believe it.


Zara Ninomiya said...

gud luck azza!!!

cant imagine if it was me...still have 1 year before my final year! =P

yuki said...

2moro last day 4 viva but after this we will go into the new world~

~anchor~ said...

zara> tq, I presented on the first day. and the other two days are like lala land for me..*grin* Don't imagine it, just 'embrace' it when the time comes. hee~

tkah> yeah, this one, i dunno how to handle..

afiqah said...

sifu!!! akhirnya brjaya gak ak follow ko... stlah skian lame ak cuba... :)