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Salam semua.

KETUPAT CINTA is a very wholesome novel that I felt to quote all those interesting facts, delicious recipes, advices, sarcasm and many more sweet and sour (read: masam manis) taste of the book to share with you guys.

A Malacca historical story that is been tale-telled by the Malacca royal chef, Tun Lepat during his imprisonment, to Hang Seleri, his cellmate and to the future generation, us.

The language is beautiful, the story is interesting, the witticism too funny to be ignored, you could never ask more of Faisal Tehrani the Anugerah Seni Negara award receiver. And need I mind you, that this is only the first part. Comes the second part, I'm sure more of conflicts, hilarious jokes and RECIPES to come our way. We'll be waiting for it, bon apetit!  


Fiona said...

leh mkn x ketupat tu

~anchor~ said...

awat x boleh...
kalau makan boleh jatuh cinta.
the urban ketupat ever.