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Safe Haven

Salam Semua.

Another novel from Nicholas Sparks. It was published quite a while ago but I only found it in the store recently. When it comes to Nicholas Sparks (NS) it always involved someone's spouse already passed away, a new couple met each other, they went through thick and thin together and live happily ever after or not. To me, the idea of NS is everyone has their own destiny in true love, everybody got a chance and how you appreciate them is more important.

Safe Haven is a story that kept you asking what really happened to Katie that made her start a new life in Southport, why she always looked behind her back and why she can't let her guard down especially if someone wants to get to know her better. And boy, turning over a new leaf wasn't as easy as it sounds. However, Katie had a privilege of having Jo the neighbor + her new best friend. With Jo she shares her stories, her past, her real self. Then comes her knight in shining armor, Alex and his kids. With them, she learn to trust again, to be herself again and she learn how to be happy. 

Soon, Alex and Jo learned about the mystery of Katie's past. She was a victim of domestic abuse. What's more frightening she had no one to turn to as her abuser is a police officer. A detective at heart but with an alcoholic problem, he tracked Katie down to Southport. Their encounter is quite messy and gruesome you might wanna read those yourselves.

Reading the novel made me realize that you can't hide forever, the fear will always be there and it takes lots of courage to get up and fight it. Katie regained her courage through her new friends and loves. It is a good thing I reckoned. Let us change our perspective on how we see the world, embrace the loves around us!

hi everyone~

It's been a while right? Things have been happening a lot for the past few weeks and for sure I'll treasure those moments and keep it secured tight in my heart. Other than that, I hope my friends are doing fine since we rarely contact each other due to my schedule. Back during my training, a lot of things came to my mind and those things made me felt less secured. However, I believe that we can be stronger with the presence of our loved ones. No need to say much, smiles and hugs will do!


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