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Happy Eid Everyone

Salam Semua...


Alhamdulillah, after a while of raya-ing, eating and resting I manage to drag myself to write an entry.  : D How's your Eid celebration? Hope this Eid brings a lot of beautiful memories to you guys. 

As for me, as much as I tried to enjoy myslef to the fullest, I found it's a bit difficult. It's like the Eid spirit slowly evaporate from me by the year. Or is it a normal thing as we grew up? Or is it because less 'duit raya' for me? Hee~ Kidding.

However, I'm really looking forward for our 'Raya Konvoi' next week. Sure it's gonna be a big hit and worth saving the date for. And what's upcoming this month that is worth to save the date for? My convocation! Wee~ (^_^) What to wear, what to wear? 

Last night was my first attempt to bake cheese tart and Alhamdulillah the result was fruitful. Tapi tak reti nak buat decoration.

Kiriman tart dan doa semoga perjalanan awak selamat.

Da cukup panjang tak entri ni? hehehe Somehow it's a bit trying for me to write lately. I don't know why. Oh, by the way, I think I need new novels! Desperately! Maybe that's why.

notabuku: Sorry for all my wrongdoings to you guys and may Allah bless.. (-_^)


Fiona said...

CKET heh pics..ceyh pdhl ak upload pics ak pn xlg..hiks

~anchor~ said...

ceyh.. ckup la tuu.. waiting to see ur bju rya.. haha

Fiona said...

baju raye buruk