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Going To The Beach 101

Salam Semua.

The first day of fasting! Don't just sit back and relax, do something people! (^_^) Just wanna share something with you guys.

Tg. Balau, 31/7/11

When going to the beach, you do not:

1. Wear tudung
2. Wear white apparel
3. Wear something really tight
4. Wear shoes!
5. Wear jewellery
6. Litter

 Let us preserve the environment.

When going to the beach, you should:

1. Wear shawls or tudung indon. If not, your tudung will be crooked all the way due to the strong wind.

2. Wear something of darker shade. If you happened to be in charge of BBQ, and you're wearing white scarf or shirt what happens if the grits got on you? Or you don't want everybody else, and I mean EVERYBODY to see what you're wearing (or not) inside when you get wet? Better be safe!

3. Wear something airy. It is freakingly (excuse my language) hot at the beach. Let your body have some air to breathe the fresh sea breeze. Don't be selfish, will ya?

4. Wear flip- flops. You are a boring person if you wear shoes to the beach, unless you are in some kind of wedding shooting or a wedding itself. Things like that.

5. Minimize your bling-bling. It's kinda dangerous, don't you think? The possibilities that your jewelries might fall into the sea or being snatched is quite high actually.

6. Use the dustbins provided. Come on, the dustbins are EVERYWHERE! Use it! You don't wanna hurt people strolling by the sea as well as the environment.

Tips written solely by experience. This is the same place that I went with my friends a year before. Click here for more pictures.

notabuku: I hope this is useful to others... (^_-)


Zara Ninomiya said...

one more thing...SUNBLOCKKKKK!!!!

~anchor~ said...


kalau x besiap sedia la nak jadi Black Power Rangers....