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~ teet...menunggu masa kembali ke......~


Let's admit it. I'm bored. Not that I have nothing to do (house chores, packing etc.) but yea, I'm lazy. Not gonna do it until last minute. Maybe I like the excitement of doing things at the edge of it? Or maybe I'm just plain lazy. haha (let's not find an excuse for myself but then, let's look at an optimistic side) haha again.

Well, this morning, the rain was pouring outside my window when i woke up and my Mickey Mouse comforter hung around my body tightly. Comfortable. But why I was squirming around? It is not everyday i can slept in and enjoy the 'comfy-to-sleep' weather. But whateva. I end up continuing my reading on ' The Gift'. Fell asleep last night without reading it.

~by Cecilia Ahern~

The thing that I found in 'The Gift' is very overwhelming. You see, gift is very important to some people. When it's your birthday ( or any special occasion) you expect a gift. The least, your best friend or one of your family members will give it. What's so special about a gift? Well, besides the fact that people pay for it and that 'it' happened to be something that you really wants but what else? Try to ponder over it. Ask in the deepest place in your heart why does it matter for people to give you gifts and what's the significance? There, you can cherish it more ( the gift and the gift-er).

Then, not only once that i read novels that put the word 'gift' in it be it in what language. First it was Hlovate's piece - Ked's Story. It was published in compilation of 'Pelangi'. The heroin was named Nawal as it is gift in arabic. She was like a gift to Ked and Ked did cherish her as he knew how much Nawal meant to him. Here, the gift is Nawal. But in 'The Gift' the gift is time. Have you happened to wish to be at two places in a time? Well, you can have it if you were Lou in this story. Always busy, always running for something and doesn't care about people around him makes him a total jerk.

Until, he met Gabe who was a beggar outside his office and looked like him. But no, it wasn't Gabe who substituted him when he is needed at two places in a time. So, what happened? Trust Cecilia Ahern to gives you magic and made you wanna believe it. Haha Actually, maybe it is magic for Lou to be at two places in the same time as it is the only opportunity for him to make redemption to his family for all the things he had done while being a jerk. Time is the essence of the story. As Lou cannot buy the time even if he got all the money in the world. Sadly, without his knowing, his time is running out. But it's better late than never. Lou did changed his family and friends feeling towards him. ( from jerk to dad-son-brother-husband they used to know)

A clock with magic? Maybe.
What matters is, not Lou or not Gabe. It didn't matters if they conjure any magic. It is we that live in the present that has to work it out so that we won't feel any regret in the future. The future is important but the present really matters. Lou is lucky to be given the opportunity, but what about us? Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal! (please, read it with intonation)

notabuku: yea I know, long writing, yada yada.. But hope it does give something to someone.  :)


Fiona said...

tau x..


essay spm..english paper..*i love english* lol..

gler la pnjg..lalala..

~anchor~ said...

thanx. i'll take dat as a compliment!
ko jaki sal?
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fitri said...

wah...minat btol eh ngan cecilia ahern..hehe

~anchor~ said...

aah ak sgt minat dy..
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