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 Changing? Not impossible.

It's good to know that someone somewhere is changing towards the better.
And sometimes, that someone somewhere tried to take somebody to change with them. 
Evolution together?
Is it easier?
I mean, to have someone that fight for the same thing as yours.
Experience the feelings as yours. In changing I mean.
Knowing that just in case you are somewhat weaken, someone will be there for you.
To strengthen you.
To motivate you.
What more could you ask?

A thing that I read in 'Versus" by Hlovate that sounds like this:
" There's always a room for changes in perfection. But nobody can be perfect. It's the journey becoming perfect that changes you."

This is what I took the meaning for. Not exactly the words. Different people took the meaning differently, righto?

notabuku: To all people who are 'changing', May Allah bless... Fighting! :)


Fiona said...


fitri said...

aku pun tgh transformasi ni...hehe..
tgh meng adapt suasana kat sini...

~anchor~ said...

emy> squirming.haha

phatjo> gud 2 hear dat.:) gudlak!