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~ pisang terbelah ~

Salam Semua.

It's been a while huh? No,this entry is not bout the miracle in the world like 'pokok pisang sujud ' and watsoeva. People will call this entry crap and such but I'm just replying ctok's entry. Strictly not for shy people like me. *cough*

If you happen to dine at our college cafe you will see lots of boys, men, hombre more boys and very little girls and some auuwwww (which category do them belong?). So, to some of the girls and not forgetting the auwws eating there at the cafe is like their stage. They have to shine. Have to. People must know that these girls and don't forget the ehems are there. Like 'hello, we are here, look at us!' This will be followed by them TOL (talk out loud) or LOL or you name it. 

Jadinya, (tiba tiba aku tukar bahasa tanpa sebab) kami ade penyelesaian untuk anda bagi menarik perhatian orang ramai dengan hanya satu dialog je! Apa yang anda boleh buat,

Anda: Bang, banana split ada?
Abg  : Ada.

Nah, tulis saja di kertas order and wait a few minutes with a cool look on your face and Abg will send you your banana split along with the WHOLE of cafe glances. There you have it. All eyes on you. You don't even have to let out tiny voice much less sweat. Just a smug face will do plus a 'Terima Kasih' to Abg. You can vary banana split to ice blended or other drinks that look canggih. Paling tak pun 2 3 meja mesti kerling gak kat kau, tengok air apa kau beli. Okay, enuf of crap. Here, the jewel of this entry.

Already in store.

Will be released by the end of the month.

I'm dying to get my hands on them A.S.A.P but ottoke? I've already got too much in my hands right now. These two have to wait a wee bit longer. Thank you for coping up with me, toodles!

notabuku: In Light, there is Dark and in Dark, there is Light. ~Beautiful Darkness~

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