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~ home at last ~

Salam semua.

Well, after three weeks binding my lust over foods and books, I was like grasping every chance to accomplish all my cravings during training in a niff of time. God knows the cravings will only come when we least can get it. Gladly, I can say that half of my food cravings have been satisfied and luckily my phone is equipped with e-book reader so I still can read during the training. Nevertheless, the books just can't stop publishing and I just can say no! So, the outcome is.....

over x? still in plastic. :p

From left,

Ketupat Cinta- Musim Pertama : Faisal Tehrani
Rahsia Hati : Nazurah Aishah
Jet Jonah : Ika Madera
3 Jantung Hati : Nisyah

Besides Rahsia Hati, all the books are kinda new releases. If you are a fan of FT, like I am, you sure don't wanna miss another of his piece (plus, it's about food!) if you want to read an excerpt of Ketupat Cinta, read it here but mind you the excerpt is from the second season. As for Ika Madera and Nisyah, this is the first time I heard of them and can't wait to read 'em! But first, I might as well try to finish up the novels (The Lost Symbol and Beautiful Darkness) I bought previously. (gee, even novels got their own turn, me sux!)

Until then!

notabuku: GD and TOP new song High High. Can't say that I like TOP new appearances. Not forgetting, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nabila!!!

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