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The Right Way

Salam Semua.

Watched Dr.Oz today. 4 Steps To Poke Out Your Pimple. Remember, HARAM squeeze pimple! 

1. Dab your pimple area with alcohol based solutions to make it numb. ie: toner, make up cleanser

2. Sterilize your weapon, ehem, a pin, with alcohol or you can runway it back and forth to direct fire. Seems harsh is it?  Not fire, em light fire maybe? Urgh, got what I mean? Good. Make sure the pin is not rusty and sharp enough to penetrate the skin. Let's not put yourself in trouble anymore, eh?

3. Poke your pimple with the pin, not at the center, mind you. Cause it will damage the skin under that pimple. Rather gently, pick a little bit of your skin that covers the pimple and make a hole. ie: As if you're trying to get a splinter out of your finger.

4. Your pimple will come out through that hole accordingly. Unlike if you SQUEEZE it will SPLURGED.  Messy stuff. Clean it with clean tissues or cotton pad. I can't remember what's the finishing but I think it's dab with more alcohol? Or maybe you can just wash your face.

Only to be practice if your pimple is ready to see the world. If it's under the skin, please, put your devices away. And, not only adolescents have problems with pimples, adults also can revive the experience. Which I'm experiencing right now. *sigh*

notabuku: I had no intentions to put pictures of pimples in my blog. Might scare you guys as well as me.


Anonymous said...

good tips! thanks..huu

budak senget said...

awk. nape haram picit jerawat?