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Domestic chores: man vs woman

Hye all. (To all guys esp. hubbies, brothers, sons, fiance`, etc.)

Someone had conjured the stupidest idea I've EVER encountered that domestic chores such as sweeping, mopping, wash dishes & clothes are woman's work. What the heck? Hello, news flash! This is not the era where women sit in the kitchen all day long,ok?

~ This could be you granny, your mom, your sis, your wife or maybe you, yourself. ~

It is like a taboo or even a curse if men do the house chores. How I hate to hear that " I don't want to clean the house, it's a woman's work." Even throwing out the garbage to the bin outside, an hour of speech and some threatening need to take place (don't forget all the moaning that happened while you took the garbage outside). haha What a rubbish. It's not like women ever signed a deal that the house chores belongs to them that no guy in earth should interfere.Can't you guys do something out of responsibilities? No need for others to move your butt around. And how can you enjoy the sports channel when the house is not at the best stake? Makes me wonder.

~ Somebody needs to be straightened up ~

Sometimes the women will said " it's okay, it's my job after all." or "It's fun doing the cleaning" or " Maybe he's just tired, next time he'll do it for sure." or many more excuses that pops in our mind. But, this situation will not last long. Women will start to get tired, agitated, and weary not only because the chores but the unwillingness of men to share the chores. My personal opinion, those chores aren't all bad if you do it together (despite all the dusts and sweats involved), am I right or am I correct?

~ Accidents? Nah, they just don't care. ~

 Come on man, lend your tough muscles, masculine body and vast energy on all those tiny little tasks. The worst thing that can occur is your house is clean and your loved ones are happy.All in all, what is it about man and house chores? haha

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Fiona said...

ouh i swear i like this..hakhakhak..ok guys lets pratice ok...jgn nk dok goyang kaki jekk..grr

~anchor~ said...

yea, lets jz keep praying...
maybe it'll be a dream come true after all... :D