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shop, shop!

Nada nak macam cop! cop! kan? haha

Well, it's been a long time that I've bought a novel.Last time it was Antara Safa dan Marwah during Ramadhan and sorry to say, it is not one of my fav.But do not fret, different people different thinking, different taste, different perception. So you guys might wanna try to read it too! :D

I'm a subscriber of the Jemari Seni Pubs.house emails so that I'll get informed on the new releases. All those novels are very enticing and I like the fact that I own the books despite my comments on the book after I read it. It is like a quest for me to own every each novel or interesting books. (hope I can afford it though). 

So I'm saying, recently I received an email announcing the new babies of JS and already I heard the sound of cash register, ka-ching!. Boy, how bad I wanna grab those books. The titles are:

~ how sweet can the title be? ~

~ try 2 catch a drama from your reading! ~

~ everybody loves crystal, don't we? ~

Hope to catch all the novels really soon! Maybe drop to the nearest Popular or just buy it online... We'll see... Besides, I really hope these stories are up to my liking. huhu 

A quote from Faisal Tehrani's blog. Read the full entry here.

"Sesungguhnya pembaca sastera kita sedang meratap dan sakit merana kerana karya yang terhidang buat mereka hanyalah sekadar air sejuk untuk melampias haus sementara. Tiada gizi dan daya ketahanan untuk melawan kejahatan virus dari luar. Dan lawan bagi ‘lemah dan malas berfikir’ itu tentunya quwwat al-ruh wa al-‘aql. Yakni, cabaran paling besar ialah cabaran dalaman untuk mempersiapkan diri sebagai seorang pemikir yang berani melawan al-irhab al-fikry atau keganasan pemikiran di mana hari ini kita dipaksa mengikut satu sahaja gaya atau aliran tajaan.

Maka, pengarang muda dan tua mesti menyedari kerja sastera bukanlah kerja bercerita. Kerja kita sebagai sasterawan adalah pertamanya, kerja sebagai pengawal masyarakat; keduanya, kerja menjadi tukang cakap aspirasi ummah; ketiganya kerja sebagai rujukan bangsa di saat mereka menghadapi persoalan yang menekan; keempatnya, kerja sebagai tali pengikat atau integrator supaya dapat membangunkan potensi masyarakat. Apakah ada kemungkinan untuk pengarang muda menjadi semua itu jika ia masih bergelut dengan cerita-cerita palsu, imaginasi yang merupakan perkara pinggiran, tetek-bengek tiada keyakinan, atau ketinggalan rasa motivasi untuk mengarang.

* Faisal Tehrani*
And as a  reader, I hope to enjoy the books as much as possible and try to understand what's the message the author try to convey... The arts of delivering is very important to me. There are some types of writing I really can't stand. So I stop from reading the books from that publishing house. (but often I'll read till the end, it's really rare I left the book halfway). This is just a thought that came through my mind and I just wanna share it with others. After all, we are what we read!

notabuku: here comes another jumble rumble of studying.. ;p


Fiona said...

ok..like the 1st one..pass it to me ok..ur money,my novel..it's a deal..ok thanks..--im a good decision maker-

then i dun like crystals...a weirdo?am i?...errr....

we are what we read?errrrr...means?
eg: im a shopaholic..so ive to read entries on shopping aa?..da devil wears prada aa?*ehh..slh lak*

am i too serious commenting on ur post babe?no aaaa..flu flu..lalalaa...hatttttcum!
ok..crap..eng suck--mlu..bye

~anchor~ said...

ah-ha..wht happened 2 u dear?
no, ur comment is ok...
i'll try 2 buy d novels ASAP...
n, by we are wht we read, i mean dat those things that we read, we'll be part of us.. maybe kinda shape us of who we are...
well, that's my say..but dont u read devil wears prada? i think its devilish-awesome!

Fiona said...

havent finishd it yet....*sigh*..
the da vinci code--still da same--bila mau habiss....
what a lazy bump am i!..rite?..hu..
dunno what was wrong wif me recently..

~anchor~ said...

i havent touch any dan brown's..
xpe, kte ronggeng2 je...
xsbr seh tngu novel2 ni nk smpai..

fitrijohari007 said...

dunt have budget to buy books at this tyme being :(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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