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First Attempt

Salam Semua....

This is the first baking for the year 2012. Also, a first attempt of making pavlova. I've never eaten any so I didn't even know how it should taste like but my crave for patisserie and dessert overcome it all.

While baking, I was having random thoughts and hey, my first attempt of baking pavlova is a step forward for me. I managed to do something that is very unfamiliar to me. Had I use the excuse of  'never taste it before'  I would still imagining how pavlova taste like. Instead, i made the opportunity to make one. Only to satisfy my curiosity and emm... To indulge my sweet tongue. (^_^)v

Though my pavlova might be  a little sweet and my whipped cream looked sloppy, at least, I learned and I tried. Anndd, my family loved it. Yay! Kalau  I tak bake, I would never know until now even a slight taste of it.

Same to be said, in our life, sometimes, we just need to block the second thoughts (or more) that's gonna hinder our move. Take your first step, and other steps that gonna follow through. Face and be responsible of the consequences, (cos it's your choice and your decision). There'll always be  What Ifs  in your life but I'm sure we can control it. = D 

notabuku: Happy New Year to all... May All Your Dreams and Wishes Come True! 


zIyEn said...

look tasty lah..is it cake,bread or what?=)

~anchor~ said...

thank u... it's a meringue originated from NZ. =)

yuki said...


ctok^_^chan said...

wah sedap gitu jahhhh. mai sket. oke dah hapdet. just a quick one, special tuk uols. awww. errkk.