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Currently, I'm watching Bad Guy. I kim nam gil

 very manly in the Vivienne Westwood suit

him in one of the scene

 knows his way around the kitchen

lookin' very hot

 a very cute smile indeed

oooo~ crazy dancing on the road?

sometimes serious too, or is it headache?

can i help you with that? ^^

credits to google and all about kim nam gil 

notabuku:  he's so my kind of guy. what's not to love about him??? *sigh*


Fiona said...


mane encem nyeee..maneee

~anchor~ said...

ko kne lihat ng mata hati.
ckup la kt mta ak dy nsem.

Zara Ninomiya said...

klu die buang misai tu baru aku ckp die ensem.

~anchor~ said...

:).mknenye nsem kan.kan.