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~ POPULAR Mega Bookfair ~

To those who are in JB and near, catch the biggest bookfair by POPULAR at the Expo Danga City Mall. Last time it was at City Square JB and it was book-superb. Discounts up till 90% (for members) and 70% (non-members). To me, it's a worth bargain since most of English novels are quite ehem (clearing my throat), expensive... But, you can get a hardcover book less than RM20 at the bookfair.  So, come on, gear up and move your butt to the Expo Danga City Mall.

notabuku: ayah cakap, buat apa nak kayakan cina, beli dekat Badan saja,tapi sebab aku degil, aku nak pergi jugak. Sebenarnya, Badan, boleh la tambah lagi genre buku dekat kedai tu. Sekian.


Fiona said...

Can u recommend some gud books?
not da classic one..
y do peeps hate on classic books aa..
aiyoo..why so gila gila read bookss oo..---ayat bi pz tgk Phua chu Kang

~anchor~ said...

are you interested in paranormal books eg: vamps, werewolves?

i saw a good price for a series of those books.

but i think chick-lit is da best for you, coz it suits everyone!

iyman said...

*huhuh,,,btol2,ayh x brpe mmhmi lo..

*ap niyh kq amk coz kimia p list of ur dream jobs x de pon bkaitn ngn *kimia* kowt...

*hopefully pat g book fair tu es0k...XD

Fiona said...

dun think any books suit me...coz...i hate reading...=p..ye ke..