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Waalaikummussalam.( Bayangkan aku bagi salam kat korang, ni korang jawab salam aku)

Today, aku, zara, syak,z dan atun melawat sekolah terchenta.The day started bila aku bangun lambat z, kol umah then baru adik aku kejut. Baru la aku nak mandi, gosok baju, kejut driver bangun tambah sakit perut dan bermacam hal lagi. Tapi perlu ke aku cerita ni? Yang penting aku lambat, 2 jam lak tuh. gome ne! Aku bukan sengaja dan aku tak selalu kan lambat. :p

Sampai sekolah jumpa cikgu cikgu,bual bual, gosip gosip (sumber gosip: cikgu!),doing catch ups and more catch ups with everyone that we knew. lagi, jumpa junior. Dulu dulu mereka Form 1 kami Form 5, sekarang, mereka Form 5 kami Form 1????

Dalam suka suka dan riang ria ada hati yang pedih dan sedih. Cikgu beritahu our senior had just passed away that day. Al-fatihah. Due to motorcycle accidents. He was a head prefect, an excellent speaker, a qari and everything that a mother, a sister, a friend could ask for. I myself respected him and always thought him as a role model.

Jadi kami bersama cikgu cikgu pergi ke HSI, menziarah keluarga dan jenazah. Even tak rapat dengan allahyarham, terasa sangat kehilangan dia. We spread the news to our fellow friends. Sedih tengok bila adik dia (our junior) yang handle everything because their parents went to hajj. If you could just imagine the situation. 

Us being there hopefully can gave some moral support to the family. And at that moment, I thought, cikgu cikgu semua datang. I was in awe that they were very thoughtful and it seems they really DO care about us. The factor that we were once family back in school. And the relationship even extends when we finished school. Besides, I think my belated senior were very close to the teachers and it was like playing in my head my memories of him talking to the teachers and everything.The moment that we saw the body we can't stop the tears. It was very heart wrenching. And again, the teachers amazed me. I saw affectionate, I saw care and I saw love in their eyes.

Then, I even wondered that maybe my belated senior had a 'special' friend. What if he had made promises to her? I mean, can you imagine her feelings? Then,  his parents. I don't know whether they tell their parents or not, for the sake of the hajj. I prayed that all is well for them.

Today, I saw love. The love of friends, family, teachers and even the love of saudara se-Islam. It was because of him, that I can see all this. With Allah's wills. Let us send him some 'light' by reciting Al-fatihah and zikr to him. May Allah bless him and his family.

notabuku:no,this world is not forever,love.


fitri said...

moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat...

~anchor~ said...


Fiona said...

promises?..means?..pe nih pe nih

~anchor~ said...

anytg la...
i mean they must have discussed sumtg.
bout future.

Fiona said...

dh agak...ni mls nih..moge pnjg umo..